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Wings flap discs are offered in various types to meet different application needs. Flap discs are served with a total of 5 different types of Aluminum Oxide, Zirconium and Ceramic abrasives, from 36 grit to 120 grit, from 100mm diameter to 180mm diameter, with various density types on conical and flat fiberglass backings.

Wings flap discs are divided into 2 main groups; Comfort Line with cotton abrasive backing and Premium Line with Polycotton abrasive backing; also composed of 3 different density types; low, standard and high.
Ceramic Flap Discs

Specialized resilient high quality flap disc for high alloy steel [...]

Zirconium Flap Discs

Very strong and resilient flap disc quality, high performance on [...]

Al. Ox. Flap Discs

Strong, high quality flap disc for general metal and wood applica [...]

Inox Flap Discs

High quality flap disc for general metal and smooth work on stain [...]