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Wings cutting discs are available in a a very wide product range in order to satisfy performance, lifespan and quality requirements of the abrasive product users and enterprises. 

They are available in diameters of 100 mm., 115 mm., 125 mm., 180 mm., 230 mm., 300 mm., 350 mm., 400 mm., 500 mm. and thicknesses such as 1.0 mm., 1.2 mm., 1.9 mm., 2.5 mm., 3.0 mm., 4.0 mm., 5.0 mm for portable handheld power cutting machines, portable handheld power grinding machines and stationary cutting benches.

Wings brand cutting discs offer comfortable application to the users with their quick and convenient cutting properties and minimize operating costs with their extended lifespan. 
Wings offers special solutions for sectors which process metal intensively such as foundries and shipyards in addition to its standard product ranges designed for general purpose metal cutting operations, cast material cutting, rail cutting, marble and natural rock cutting, stainless steel ( inox ) and many other material cutting operations.

Wings cutting discs are safe. All Wings brand abrasive products are manufactured and tested according to OSA standards.
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