Industrial Cut off Discs for Metal

Product Description

Grit size is increased compared to Wings standard metal cutting discs. It has a quicker and convenient cutting capability due to this feature.

Aluminum oxide is used as abrasive.

They are successful in cutting process of all steels which are low alloy and with a hardness rate higher than 25 HRC. 

They are preferred for quick and safe cutting of structural irons, structural steels, steel plates, stel pipes, steel box profiles, solid iron bars, Ç1040-1050 flat steels and runners and risers of certain cast steel materials. 

It recommended to be mainly used in cutting operations of solid materials due to its comfortable cutting capability.

In addition to the above fields of use, they are very successful in cutting runners and risers of nodular cast pieces.

They are particularly preferred for runner and riser cutting of materials which are extremely sensitive to heat such as Ni-Hard.

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