Grinding Discs for Cast Iron

Product Description

Wings cast grinding and deburring discs are mainly preferred for grinding the section of pig cast materials which remain upon detaching runners and risers from the main piece upon casting.

Silicon carbide abrasives are used in Karbosan cast grinding and deburring discs. 

Silicon carbide abrasives have more pointed edges and are more brittle compared to aluminum oxide abrasives that are used on metal cutter discs.

They ensure better piece penetration due to their abrasive structure. They particularly ensure convenient grinding of pig cast pieces in grinding processes which are carried out on sand finishes. Prevents clogging of the disc edges.

Discs with aluminum oxide abrasives used for grinding pig cast and similar workpieces become quickly blunt.  Cutting and grinding effect becomes impossible after a while.

They can be used in grinding operations of nonferrous materials such as brass, bronze, copper, plastic, aluminum safely.

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